Obituary : Celia Barquín, Spanish Golfer and student Iowa State University killed by Collin Daniel Richards,

Spanish Golfer Celia Barquín is killed in the United States.

Current profile champion of Europe, was one of the young promises of Spanish golf.

Authorities arrested as alleged author of the crime of the Spanish Golfer Celia Barquín to Collin Daniel Richards, 22 years old, who charged a crime of first-Degree Murder.

Richards has his back numerous police history since 2015. Also, does not consist of his known home file.

According to his police tab, in January of that year, Richards was charged with intimidation with dangerous weapon in gtuhrie county. According to the complaint, he tried to steal two energy drinks at a service station.

In September 2017, he admitted to having entered the force at his grandparents's home to recover some things. A month later, they requested arrest warrant and sanctioned him with $ 200 for the damage caused.

Last July was arrested and charged with public drunkenness.

The lifeless body of barquín, 22 years old, was found by the police at the Coldwater Golf course, located in the town of Ames, after his abandoned bag of sticks caught the attention of other athletes who alerted the Authorities.

The body was "a distance" from the bag.

Barquín, who studied and played for Iowa State University, "died as a result of an attack", according to the police. It is unknown, for the moment, what was the mobile phone.

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